Have you mortgaged your property, and now you are facing possible foreclosure? If yes, then you should consider getting someone who can buy your home with cash. If you are a resident of Philadelphia and want to sell your home quickly for cash, please contact the We Buy Houses Philadelphia Now (WBHPN) team by today by calling (267) 486-1136.

We are cash home buyers who buy any house, anywhere within the Philadelphia area. Besides that, this article will offer you insights on some options available to you that you need to consider when submitting your home for the fast sale.

These options include:

Selling your home fast for cash to a local REI investor: Local home buying companies in Philadelphia such as WBHPN, answer your prayer if you need to unload your property fast. If you are determined to sell your home fast, we can help. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cash offer you receive will be slightly lower than market value in most cases.

Sell your home with a real estate agent: This makes a better option if you are willing to sell your house but have more time to wait until the right buyer is found. Additionally, you should be able to pay the real estate agent commission, typically ranges from 3% to 6% of the retail valuation. The first step to selling your house through a real estate agent is getting the appropriate agent. You will have to consult several agents to give the retail market value of your home and give some comparable examples.

The agent you choose ought to broaden your home market by putting it on the Philadelphia (MLS) multiple listing service, listing it with as many sites as possible, and advertising it in local publications. Beef up the process by offering a better incentive to the agent.

Sell your home via an FSBO listing: If you have enough time to wait until your home is sold and ready to show potential buyers the home whenever they call, then listing your home for sale on online platforms yourself is an option as well. There are many agents owning property websites with whom you can advertise your home for sale. The only way to attract buyers is to provide impressive photos of your home on the site you are using for advertisement.

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