Philadelphia art museum is an international museum located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. It consists of over 227,000 objects collection from art history as old as 200 years. Works spanning in this temple of art includes medieval times, Impressionist movement, and renaissance among others. It came from the Centennial Exhibition that’s a world’s fair commemorated in Fairmount Park that celebrated the founding of the United States of America.

This museum has overseen many museum practices. For instance, in 1903, it issued a museum bulletin which is a publication of scholarly and professional interest. Also in 1919, it began a collection of Indian Art with an incredible gift from a temple hall in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It was founded in 1876 and is made of up three buildings; Perlman Building, Rodin Museum, and central museum. Thanks to its large space and collection, this place rates the most visited and largest museum worldwide. 

What You Should Know Before Visiting This Place

Art to view—there are over 200 art galleries including sculptures, paintings, photography, fashion, etc. At other times, art collection in this museum is taken off from view to lend other museums or to conserve it.

Prohibited items-visitors are prohibited from carrying dangerous materials like firearms in all museum site that includes main and Perelman building, Mount Pleasant and Cedar Grove historic houses and Rodin Museum.

Museum map- for a more enjoyable trip, please check out the museum map or you can ask for guidance at any visitor services desks.

Bags are inspected when visitors enter or leave this place.

Also, note that this museum’s West entrance that’s facing Schuykill River and Boathouse Row is temporarily closed for renovation. Guests can however use east and new north entrances.

Things to Do Inside the Museum

Whether one is visiting for a few hours or days, there are many things you can do. This includes;

Touring its collection. There are tours offered daily that come with free admission. If you don’t have much time, you can simply enjoy an audio tour that offers deeper insights into this museum’s greatest collection.

Visit Étant donnés to have a look at the strangest work of art or you can go to Arms and Amor gallery to see the dragon on horse armor. One can also visit architectural settings from all over the world including Philadelphia parlor and Japanese teahouse. You don’t need a passport for this. Visitors can again check out paintings by renowned artists like Van Gogh and Renoir. 

For history buffs, they can explore the American art collection to learn about Philly’s role in the history of US and artists such as Thomas Eakins. And if you’ll spend more than a night, you can enjoy drinks and live music on Friday nights. 

Admission Fees

While the admission for museum members and persons under 18 years is free, other guests pay. The charges are:

  • Senior adults over 65 years- $23
  • Adults-$25
  • Students with ID- $14
  • Members guests-$12 

Note that visitors are also offered discounts on general admission rates throughout the year that are redeemable on Visitor Services Desk. However, these discounts don’t cover ticketed programs or exhibitions plus they’re invalid with other offers. 

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