If you are lucky enough to travel to the United States and most precisely the new Pennsylvania, you will visit the city of Philadelphia. In this city, you will come across this iconic structure called the city bell. According to Wikipedia, it was previously known as the statehouse bell.  Currently is found in found in independence historical park located in liberty Centre. Its commissioning took place in 1752 and it was done by the national assembly of Pennsylvania and it is a symbol of America’s independence.

So basically the liberty bell a significant role in American independence and there is some controversial history around it. We are informed that during the 19th century it developed a large crack. From the hypothesis, most believe that it crack occurred while it was ringing and this took place after Chief justice John Marshall passed away back in 1835

 From 1847 onwards the bell gained its fame and this was due to the story that came out that  it was rang by a relatively old bell ringer  in July 1776 .This tale went viral during those days and it was widely accepted by the people

Today the monument of Liberty bell is quite significant America’s economy and especially to America’s tourism industry. It attracts both local and international tourists. Philadelphia is a beautiful city with lots of historical landmarks. So when you are organizing tour be it students,   adults, or even corporates tour, you will have a wide range of historical sites to visit but I will highly commend the liberty bell to appear at the top of your list. 

The Liberty bell Centre is quite fascinating and the visitors can get up the close and personal experience by getting a 360-degree view of this iconic structure. So before you embark on an actual journey of visiting Liberty bell, you should be aware of these fascinating facts so as not to act dumb when the tour guide is doing explanation

  • When you get close to bell and takes a look at it you will see a bible  verse engraved on it and this is what the verse states ”  proclaim liberty throughout all the land  unto all the inhabitants thereof.” you will also find the information about the bell maker as well as Pennsylvania assembly
  • There are many theories about the day the bell got cracked, today no one is exactly sure of the date  but one theory suggests that it got cracked in 1752
  • Another big Crack happens on Washington’s Birthday. This happened in February 1846 when it was being rung on president’s day. The aftermath of the occurrence is blatant, the bell never rang and this was due to the damage caused by this major crack
  • Its first name was not a Liberty bell but a statehouse bell or old state house bell.
    There are many fascinating facts about this iconic structure but what I have provided is just a snippet you can do well by enquiring further from other sources.

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