Selling Your Home While Going Through a Divorce in Philadelphia
If you are thinking about selling your home during a divorce in Philadelphia there are some steps you need to take to do so. Around 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in a divorce. Many people in Philadelphia are looking to sell their home as they are going through the divorce process. The home is the largest asset that the couple has and it is stressful. There are some things to keep in mind when putting the home on the market during a divorce.

Determine When it Will be Sold
In most divorces, one spouse will buy out the share from the other person. There may be an agreement when a spouse can stay in the home for a specific period and after that time the home will be sold.

Get Help From a Professional
Selling a home is a complicated process. During a divorce, a lot is happening. You should not try to sell the home on your own. You need to work with real estate professionals. An agent or a firm can help you. They are a neutral third party that will handle the home. If you are looking to sell the home quickly in Philadelphia you can use our firm and we buy houses. We do not list them but we will take them off your hands. We will give you cash if you need to sell quickly. If you have the time you should allow the real estate agent to put the home on the market. If you do not have 3 to 9 months to wait give us a call and we can make you an offer during your divorce.

Set a Timeline
When selling a home during a divorce in Philadelphia it is important to set a timeline and stick to it. You need to be firm with the closing date, the date and time to move, and working with the other spouse during the sale. Every agreement should be in writing to make sure this process goes smoothly and prevents any breaching of the contract.

Selling at an All-Cash Price
Many couples that are divorcing in Philadelphia are going to turn their home over for a quick sale and get the cash. We are a reputable and local investor and we will purchase your home. We will do this quickly and you will not have to worry about the stress. The entire process can take as little as 7 days. You have enough stress with the divorce and selling your home should not add to your stress. Each party will have a qualified agent or you can work with a joint agent to sell your home quickly. We will move the process along and will be able to stick to your timeline.

If you want to talk about your divorce and the need to sell your home quickly we can save you time, energy, and reduce stress levels. We will make you a fair cash offer if you decide you want to see your house to us. Reach out to us to see how we can help you.