Are you stuck in deciding where to visit and spend your next vacation? The Independence Seaport Museum is an exhibition center that will give the best experience ever and make you keep going once and again. The museum nests collections of diverse Pennsylvanian cultures and historical artifacts. The museum was found in 1961 by a maritime collector called Welles Henderson, and it initially contained his personal maritime items collections. Since then, the museum has been growing gradually to what it is now and is one of the best historical centers around the globe.

What you need to know about Independence Seaport Museum 

Explore the exhibitions

Do you love history? The Independence Seaport Museum is the center of all who want to explore and know about the past. Some of the exhibition that you will have the opportunity to explore at the Independence Seaport Museum include:

  • The river alive: One of the best experiences you can have is visiting the river, which serves a significant percentage of the American population, the Delaware River. This great river lets you discover all the wonders of waterways and culminate in every visit with swimming for a great experience.
  • The patriots and the pirates: The ISM is the house of the history you need to know when discovering the link between Philadelphia city and the founding of the US navy. Here you will gather all the information about the conflict between American patriots and pirates.
  • Tides of freedom/African presence in the Delaware River: The Independence Seaport Museum is the home for bulky history about emancipation, civil rights, the enslavement of Africans, and Jim Crow. The exhibit mainly focuses on slavery and Philadelphia’s abolitionist movement and crown your exploration with the modern era.
  • World War I USS Olympia: Visiting Independence Seaport Museum will allow you to explore one of the rare Cruiser Olympia crew members’ contributions to World War I. Some of the featured exhibitions include Olympia’s crew members’ experiences, diaries, and engraved trombone, among others.
  • Titanic Philadelphians: This is one of the most recent exhibition in the museum you must explore. The exhibition captures several titanic passengers and how their lives were significantly changed. This is an excellent commemoration of history dating more than a century ago.
  • The community History: The Independence Seaport Museum is an exhibition center for the trends in the evolving community. Explore the result of the collaboration between the ISM staff and the regional historians and curators.

The Independence Seaport Museum houses hundreds of attractions. The historic ships are one of the great reasons you must tour the Philadelphia; here, you will have an opportunity to see and enter the surviving war submarines. You can hire the museum-built rowboats and feel the taste of the calm waters and have a close-up view of the navy historic ships. Visiting ISM offers an opportunity to see artisans work on the traditional wooden boats.

Education programs
Besides having a trip and spending your vacation in one of the best historical collection centers, you will be able to learn in different dimensions. There are several education programs offered in the Independence Seaport Museum ranging from science through history and ecology to engineering.

Generally, the Independence Seaport Museum is the center that will offer you an opportunity to interact with maritime history and cultures. Visit this great place and learn about early America and how it has evolved to the present.

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