Homeowners Going Through Financial Difficulty Give Cash Solutions By Home Buyer 

Owning a home is the American Dream. However, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has hindered this dream, with most homeowners either furloughed, out of work temporarily, or sacked permanently by their employer. As a result, this has turned this American Dream into a nightmare since many homeowners have little or no money to repay the house after buying groceries and paying for their utilities. For homeowners in Philadelphia going through this financial strain, We Buy Houses Philadelphia Now (WBHPN) offers them with the help they need. This is done by providing the homeowner with quick money within seven days, who also get to choose the deal’s closing date.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost since those indirectly or directly affected by this global pandemic. All this is thanks to the COVID-19 Response, which is targeted at borrowers, customers, and employees. By doing this, lenders are providing some help to ease the impact of this pandemic, albeit this only being a temporary solution. Therefore, affected homeowners still manage to live in their homes as they go through these difficult times. 

For persons who are struggling to make mortgage payments for their houses because of a fall in their income, they are provided with help including; 

  • Waiving late fees and penalties 
  • Given a mortgage forbearance of not exceeding 12 months. The homeowner is given this grace period to come up with a solution without their home getting repossessed. 
  • Granted loan adjustment options that either reduce payment or keeps payment equal once the forbearance period comes to an end. 

Borrowers owning Freddie Mac-owned houses being safe from eviction and foreclosure action no earlier than May 17, 2020. 
Nevertheless, all these measures are temporary, and the homeowner is expected to continue making monthly mortgage payments. They should thus think of a plan on how to pay for the mortgage deficit. 

For homeowners, foreclosure is devastating since it negatively affects their credit ratings, which hinders them from buying another house in the coming years. One of the options the homeowner has is listing their homes with a traditional realtor. However, this is very expensive due to the staging, showings, repairs, and the agent commission, which might exhaust the homeowner’s financial resources. Additionally, this process might end up taking months before a buyer is found. 

Homeowners have other great alternatives, and one is WBHPN, a foreclosure solutions specialist. The real estate investors and specialists at WBHPN come to the aid of frustrated homeowners whose American dream is crumbling. They do this by providing free and no-obligations advice to distressed homeowners on how to face and go past these challenging economic periods presented by this economic instability. The experts at WBHPN are skilled at coming up with a solution for every homeowner irrespective of the status of the loan repayment. As they search for a viable solution, their primary goal is to ensure the homeowner eventually comes out a winner. This is something that discount brokers, conventional realtors, and lenders cannot guarantee a distraught homeowner seeking fair value. 

Buyers wishing to purchase a property should contact the company either through phone or their website. If a home qualifies for the purchasing criteria, the homeowner is requested for a quick meeting where they are given a fair, no-obligation, and written offer. If they accept the offer, the deal will be finalized at a regional trustworthy title company. The homeowner will then receive cash for sale at the settlement table. Please reach out today to chat (267) 486-1136